Design for Learning

Wendy Mayes Design specialises in design for learning. We create bespoke, high quality print, blended and online learning materials and websites. We can work with your own content or you can commission us to write it in consultation with you. Our work includes, English and maths materials, SPAG, IELTS, TESOL, Sustainability, Human Trafficking Awareness, tutorial materials, Early Learning, Study Skills, Employability Skills, Digital Inclusion and ICT.

Bespoke, high quality learning materials and websites, customised to learners' needs

We design print, online and interactive materials that can be shared by email or hosted on a website. We can work with you to create unique branding for your course or materials or develop a website for your organisation or campaign.

Unique Graphic Design

We can take your content, brand and illustrate it so that it reflects and engages the community it serves.


We design and build websites for organisations, campaigns and individuals that can host online courses and learning materials.

Content Development

We have a track record of producing top quality unique, engaging, contextualised educational materials - for print, for blended learning and web from E1 to L4.

Blended Learning

We produce print and electronic learning materials that are engaging, inclusive and are appropriate to the learners level.